Monday, November 29, 2010

Starting a simple lighting setup

Umbrellas And Speedlite 430EX
I am relocated now to Australia, and this is a very good opportunity for me as I got access to one of the ebay sites at last,
I've started to build a simple lighting setup using the single Speedlite I already have. These are the items I bought from ebay after a couple of weeks of research:
- RF-602 wireless flash trigger receiver and transmitter
- Two umbrellas through and reflecting with a light stand and a flash bracket.

This is an example for the first results I got. I know I have a long way to go learning lighting techniques. One thing stopping me from doing fast progress is the AA batteries. These wicked little things keep discharging when I am at work and when I get back at the evening, I just find all my batteries not working. So my next purchase will be a slowly discharging batteries and a fast charger, as my current charger is taking 8 hours.
To see photos for the RF-602 and other couple of tests, check my flicker.

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